One of India Beat’s favourite hotel’s – Chhatra Sagar – has re-opened under the new management of RAAS hotels. Situated in the rural heart of Rajasthan, this tented camp is one of the most unique and idyllic places to stay in Rajasthan. Featuring a small community of luxurious white tents set in the stunning landscape of the countryside and overlooking a tranquil lake teaming with wildlife, RAAS Chhatra Sagar is a truly unmissable experience.

RAAS has teamed up with the Nimaj family to oversee the running of the camp. Using their unparalleled experience of hosting visitors to India, RAAS have laboriously worked to update Chhatra Sagar to a new high. New additions include a swimming pool overlooking the golden fields, an opulent spa, a new baradari (dining pavillion) and several areas to relax and taking the stunning scenery. The tents have been made larger and sound-proofed as well as newly air-conditioned and heated, allowing RAAS Chhatra Sagar to remain open all year long. With the use of Jodhpur stone and soft colours, tradition is perfectly mixed with a modern touch as sky lights and chic decor give the tents a contemporary elegance.

RAAS Chhatra Sagar gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the local area; explore the farms accompanied by a local naturalist, discover the breathtaking temples and meet the villagers. Interact with the plethora of wildlife by taking a jeep drive through the grasslands or head down to the glistening lake to watch the myriad of birds.

Importantly, RAAS have worked hard to maintain the essence of the camp. Founded on environmental and community values, Chhatra Sagar continues to give back to the land and people that surround it. 100% of the staff are from the local community and the people at Chhatra Sagar continue to educate local farmers growing crops which required less or no irrigation with a commitment of buying them at a high price. With a pledge to nature, Chhatra Sagar runs a conservation programme, working to re-wild their agricultural land. The cuisine has become renowned throughout Rajasthan; an incredible array of home-cooked food derived from age-old family recipes, all made with locally grown produce. By staying at RAAS Chhatra Sagar, you are not only indulging in the height of luxury, but helping them support the local community and environment.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a stay in this slice of paradise.

Image Credit: MAhout

Discover the Rural Heart of Rajasthan at RAAS Chhatra Sagar

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