Bertie is one of the founder-owners of India Beat. Bertie has been travelling to India since he was 12 and has spent many years living in Jaipur. Bertie’s background is fashion photography, after he left school Bertie worked under Michael Roberts which gave him an extraordinary introduction to high-profile production shoots. Bertie’s expertise and experience have enabled us to manage many incredible fashion productions in India, working alongside the world’s best photographers and fashion editors for publications such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Net-a-Porter.

Bertie’s passion for travel is unrivalled and many of our bespoke trips are inspired by Bertie’s own adventures and discoveries. This, combined with a deep personal interest in history and culture means that these trips are truly personal and have resulted in Bertie being invited to organise and accompany many private holidays.

Bertie’s trips are unique and spectacular. Highlights include conversations about space travel with astronauts, surprise meetings with retired KGB agents, exploring Egypt with a word-renowned Egypologist, private shopping with Vogue editors, private dinner invitations to Royal Palaces and once-in-a-lifetime safari opportunities.

Bertie’s love of art, nature and wildlife can be seen through his photography: @bertiedyer.

If you would like to discuss your next trip – wherever it might be – with Bertie please be in touch. Bertie would be only too happy to chat (just make sure you have a good window, these conversations are never short!).

Bertie Dyer: curated travel

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