India is a shopper’s paradise. Fashion designers, buyers, architects, artists all travel to India in search of inspiration and unique, handcrafted items to take home. Exploring with our guides is how we love to spend our time. We have led countless shopping expeditions round Rajasthan. To join in please contact us either by phone or email. 

For people unable to travel to India regularly we offer a buying service. If you are exporting for business and buying in bulk we have a wide network of contacts and can help communicate your ideas for order, purchase and export. We can oversee your production, monitor quality control and ensure that your order is delivered as agreed with your supplier. For many designers and buyers this on-the-ground assistance is invaluable and something that we are able to co-ordinate seamlessly.

Recent projects have ranged from sourcing homewares for UK and US based shops, working with designers on their textiles and jewellery collections and sourcing Indian sandstone to building contractors. To see how we can help you please contact us for a consultation.

We are offering a small collection of things we love, that are locally made in Rajasthan, for sale below. Pieces are one-off’s or limited in numbers so please check this page for updates. Enjoy!


The India Beat Scarf

The Bracelet

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