The high point of an Aman I Khas luxury tent is that it comes with the super chic Amanbagh in Alwar, with a choice of pool pavilion, garden or terrace haveli suites. Gliding out of the head of a gorge which opens out into a large valley, Amanbagh evokes the palatial grandeur of the Mughal era with its domed cupolas and inner courtyards, the use of pink marble and sandstone. 

Says Bertie Dyer, proprietor of India Beat, Jaipur, a tour company that fashions trips to India: “The great thing about Amanbagh is that it puts together exclusive individual trips—candlelight dinner in old haveli ruins or a visit to the nearby deserted and famously haunted city, abandoned after being cursed by the court magician. It’s very, very private, discreet and luxurious.”

 Tagged at $950 Pool Pavilion suite. Most likely to bump into Aman junkies worldwide including Hollywood stars. Aman Bagh

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