Nila House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Jaipur, Bertie and Victoria have loved it for years. It has been painstakingly restored by Bijoy Jain under the directorship of Lady Bamford and is now home to the Nila Foundation, whose aim is to sustain and preserve India’s traditional craft techniques through their own collection, designer collaboration, workshops and artist residency’s. Entirely non-for-profit, with all its proceeds channeled back into the research and development, it is undoubtable that Nila House will become a valuable center for the preservation of and experimentation with India’s rich textile heritage.

Placing its focus on experience over retail, Nila House is a unique place to learn and interact with traditional Indian crafts, discovering their rich history as well as how the role they play in our present. Nila House was founded upon sustainability, restored using locally sourced natural materials and celebrating the natural landscape. The foundation pledges to maintain this; working to grow awareness of the need for sustainable design. Featuring a series of open studios, collection showrooms, an archive and research library, exhibition gallery, textiles vault and artists-in-residence rooms, this incredible space is a truly unmissable addition to Jaipur.

Image credited to The Hindu

Discover India’s Craft Heritage at Nila House

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