Ramathra Fort is a heritage hotel set deep in rural Rajasthan is run by Ravi Rajpal and his wife Geetanjali. Ramathra remains completely untouched by the outside world and the surrounding countryside is thick, wild forest. Originally set up as a tented camp inside the boundary wall of the 17th Century fort, a section of the main palace has now been renovated as extra guest rooms.

We loved staying at Ramathra Fort and highly recommend the amazing walks through the countryside, visiting temples and villages along the way. Ravi has a brilliant knowledge of the area, its people and its abundant wildlife. During our stay he led us through the forest to a gorge with a wonderful temple built into the cliffs, we followed the river at the bottom downstream to a spectacular thundering waterfall.

Back at Ramathra Fort we had drinks by the open fires followed by a hearty Rajput dinner of laal maas (lamb curry), which was great fun and absolutely delicious. We can’t wait to return!

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A new room at Ramathra Fort

Off-the-beaten track: Ramathra Fort

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