A few years ago Ranthambhore National Park was in crisis, poachers had decimated the tiger population. Since then Tiger Watch (amongst others) have been working hard to communicate to the Mongia tribe who live around the park and who are responsible for the majority of the poaching, aware that the tigers and tourism can provide a sustainable income and a better future for the tribe.

Through employment and eduction initiatives poaching has been stopped in its tracks and the tigers have thrived. It’s a wonderful success story, we would estimate that 90% of India Beat clients now see a tiger when visiting Ranthambhore.

On this trip we were lucky enough to see Noor and her cub Sultan playing. Here are Bertie’s pictures, enjoy!

Nur the tiger at Ranthambhore

Nur and Sultan by India Beat

Ranthambhore Tigers Hunting

Sultan the tiger cub drinking in Ranthambhore by India Beat

Nur and Sultan, mother and tiger cub in Ranthambhore


Tigers at Ranthambhore National Park

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