The Idli boutique houses an exotic collection of incredibly beautiful clothes, accessories, textiles and home furnishings, curated by our good friend Thierry Journo. Thierry’s expert knowledge of traditional Indian techniques such as tie-dye, embroidery and block printing intermingle with his French aestheticism and individual elegance to create not only a shop but a treasure trove of rare finds. Each piece is a work of art and we love visiting this paradise of art and culture.

Thierry rejects names such as ‘artist’ or ‘designer’, opting instead for a ‘créateur de mode’; he envisions and realises a dream lifestyle for his clients to discover. Beginning with textiles; Thierry designs each one by hand, refusing to use digital means as many designers have now turned to. This results in experimentation and truly unique patterns emerging from the materials. Using the 17th and 18th styles of France, combining them with Indian traditions before transforming this already unique mixture to fit into the 21st century – Thierry’s designs are truly one of a kind.

Thierry’s passion is infectious and we hold our friendship with him dearly. Often personally visiting Idli, we can never resist a purchase – bringing home a new addition to our home or a beautiful item of clothing, we relish in joining him in his lifestyle vision. We have watched his boutique’s journey throughout the years with much excitement as his charisma and unmistakable creativity have taken India and beyond by storm.

The Idli Boutique is certainly unmissable when visiting Jaipur – if you would like to see for yourself this lifestyle paradise and even meet Thierry to discuss and learn from this creative genius, please contact us to start planning your trip.

Author: Katy Landles @katylandles_art.

Meet the créateur de mode at Jaipur’s beautiful Idli boutique

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