Many of our travelers found us because of Wendy Perrin, whose annual WOW List remains the definitive resource for sophisticated travelers seeking the world’s best destination specialists. Wendy calls us “the most well-connected travel fixers and custom itinerary designers in the world.”

We are passionate about maximizing each traveler’s experience, and Wendy shares the same vision. She wants to make your next trip extraordinary. If you sign up to a trip via Wendy Perrin you get Wendy’s trip-planning system: When you use the trip-request form, Wendy will watch over your trip, providing extra tips to make sure it’s extraordinary. If there are any glitches along the way, Wendy will step in to rectify and assist in any way needed.

You also get entered into Wendy’s WOW Moments rewards program: On every third trip you plan through a Trusted Travel Expert, Wendy will personally add an unforgettable WOW experience to your itinerary, custom-designed for you in collaboration with your Trusted Travel Expert. The best part: All of this is totally free and won’t increase the price of any trip you plan through a Trusted Travel Expert.

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