If you have never been to India but have an idea of what it is like, then Rajasthan is probably what you are imagining. A land of Palaces, forts, tigers and turbans. Elephants jostle with camels, rickshaws and brightly painted trucks on the roads while mustachioed men in shocking pink turbans stand proudly by as chaos ensues. Of course Rajasthan has changed a great deal over the last couple of decades and it’s likely our mustachioed man will be chattering on his mobile and driving a Honda motorbike! It’s this extraordinary clash of ancient traditions and modern innovation that makes Rajasthan such a fascinating place to visit.

Until Independence in 1947 Rajasthan was made up of dozens of individual kingdoms, each ruled over by a Maharaja which literally translates as “great king”. As a result royal Palaces, forts and pleasure gardens dot the landscape which can vary from lush mountainous forest in the east to dry dusty sand dunes in the west. It’s a land of spectacular contrasts, a land with a proud and dramatic history and it’s people are equally fascinating. Every few miles the culture changes with different gods, costumes, jewelry, turbans and of course styles of moustache!

If it’s your first time to India, Rajasthan is hard to beat for it’s variety and incredible visual spectacle. For an itinerary visiting our favorite places in Rajasthan contact India Beat.

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Rajasthan: Land of Kings

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