Who? Bertie Dyer

What? Founder of India Beat

Why?┬áMy passion for India began 15 years ago on a family trip around Rajasthan, I spent 3 weeks with my head hanging out the window of our trusty Ambassador car. Since then India has changed dramatically and this constant state of upheaval makes it for me the most interesting place on the planet. Historically, culturally and politically there is nowhere as complicated as the subcontinent, couple this with the astonishingly varied visual experience you get everywhere and you have an extraordinary country that’s perfect for the intrepid traveler. India Beat is our vision to make the conumdrum that is India accessible to the wider world.

Former Life? Photographer, art director and producer working in fashion and films. Led clients around India before moving full time to Jaipur in 2004 and starting India Beat.

Favorite Places? Rajasthan’s Camel Fair, Ladakh’s Nubra Valley and tracking tigers anywhere.

Who? Bertie Dyer

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