1135 AD at Jaipur’s Amber Fort is an incredible concept restaurant that recreates the splendor of the maharaja’s court. We love to treat ourselves to lunch at the restaurant is its hidden location above the jaleb chowk’s main gateway.

On arrival, get ushered upstairs to the Sheesh Mahal; a private dinning room sumptuously decorated with guilded mirrored ceilings, silver thrones and a hookah pipe taller than our host! The waiters are equally impressive, dressed in embroidered sherwani jackets and huge saffron coloured turbans with long flowing tails.

For us, we love to commence lunch with delicious stuffed paneer and succulent chicken cooked in the tandor, a kind of charcoal fired clay oven. The main event is always a traditional rajasthani thali with 10 small dishes set around kashmiri rice and piping hot naan bread Рour favourite! Absolutely delicious but quite impossible to eat the whole thing! We follow up the thali with traditional and tasty puddings with fresh fruit, just finding room to fit them into our stomachs. Its easy to understand why Maharaja Madho Singh (r. 1750-68) reputedly weighed 700 pounds!

If you are lucky enough to go make sure you check out the back terrace, it has a table for two with spectacular views up to the magnificent Jaigarh Fort that is the most romantic dinner venue in town.

To dine at 1135 AD call them on +91 (0) 141 253 0148 or contact India Beat to include lunch or dinner as part of your holiday in Rajasthan.

1135 AD: Fine Dining in Jaipur

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