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The Experts: Harper’s Bazaar

The Experts by Lydia Bell Whether you dream of tracking cheetahs in Namibia, buying a bolt hole in Italy or trance dancing with shamans in the Kalahari, these specialists will transform your trip into the experience of a lifetime. Bertie Dyer, India What does he… READ MORE >

Who? Bertie Dyer

Who? Bertie Dyer What? Founder of India Beat Why? My passion for India began 15 years ago on a family trip around Rajasthan, I spent 3 weeks with my head hanging out the window of our trusty Ambassador car. Since then India has changed dramatically and… READ MORE >

The Daily Telegraph on India Beat

By Clare Coulson Victoria and Bertie Dyer are a young couple passionate about India who have recently started India Beat – a cool travel company which provides a wealth of insider information. The pair seem to know everyone from maharajas to the best manicurist in… READ MORE >

Harper’s Bazaar: Rising Stars: India Beat

Easygoing and well informed, Jaipur based Bertie Dyer is a travel guru who, with his (wife) Victoria, will unlock the secrets of this enchanting but frequently baffling country. So if you want to admire the beards at Jaisalmer’s Mr Desert Competition (above) or go well… READ MORE >

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