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Bertie Dyer: curated travel

Bertie is one of the founder-owners of India Beat. Bertie has been travelling to India since he was 12 and has spent many years living in Jaipur. Bertie’s background is fashion photography, after he left school Bertie worked under Michael Roberts which gave him an… READ MORE >

“We want to spend 2 weeks in India…and there are 32 of us”

Kapil Nanda, president and CEO of Infogain, a Silicon Valley high-tech company, called on Bertie and Victoria Dyer at India Beat to coordinate his epic homecoming to India. “I’m from Delhi, and over the years a group of my friends had expressed an interest in… READ MORE >

Who? Victoria Dyer

Victoria Dyer, founder of India Beat I fell in love with India the moment I arrived and found myself unable to leave. The people and their unrivalled kindness are inspirational and the country itself has such extraordinary variety that every day on the move is… READ MORE >

Who? Bertie Dyer

Who? Bertie Dyer What? Founder of India Beat Why? My passion for India began 15 years ago on a family trip around Rajasthan, I spent 3 weeks with my head hanging out the window of our trusty Ambassador car. Since then India has changed dramatically and… READ MORE >

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