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Jaipur’s Best Shops – A Private Tour Curated by Victoria Dyer

Experience the splendour of Jaipur’s most luxurious boutiques as well as discover the hidden gems that Victoria has uncovered throughout her time in India on India Beat’s exclusive Jaipur Shopping Tour. Whether you simply want to browse through the beautiful materials, vibrant colours and intricate… READ MORE >

Jaipur’s Gems Arrive in Harrods

Close your eyes and picture this; you stand in a gleaming room as a conveyor sends gems of every colour imaginable, ready for you to pluck a glistening stone as it floats on by. Sounds like a surreal day-dream? Well at Harrods this has become… READ MORE >

1135 AD: Fine Dining in Jaipur

1135 AD at Jaipur’s Amber Fort is an incredible concept restaurant that recreates the splendor of the maharaja’s court. We love to treat ourselves to lunch at the restaurant is its hidden location above the jaleb chowk’s main gateway. On arrival, get ushered upstairs to… READ MORE >

Bertie and Victoria’s Jaipur by The New York Times T Magazine

The New York Times Style Magazine featured Bertie and Victoria in the November 2016 issue, Behind the T: Passage to India. Here Bertie and Victoria share their favourite ways to pass the time in Jaipur.

Jaipur’s Beautiful Bar Palladio

Jaipur has a wonderful hotspot, Bar Palladio in the gardens of Narain Niwas. Owner Barbara Miolini with the collaboration of Marie-Anne Oudejans has expertly created an enchanting atmosphere, subtly marrying Indian and Italian culture. Bar Palladio reflects perfectly her own effervescent personality in its casual joie… READ MORE >

India Beat plays Holi!

Holi is the Hindu festival of colour marking the start of spring. It is a public holiday in India and celebrated with much jubilation, typically through a free-for-all carnival of colours which involves the joyous throwing of coloured powder over friends and family. In 2011… READ MORE >

Mosaics Guesthouse, Jaipur

Mosaics Guesthouse in Amber, just north of Jaipur is a beautiful place to stay. Perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the hustle and bustle of the pink city yet just a stones thow from the spectacular Amber Fort. Owner, Herve Vital, has built a… READ MORE >

India Beat and Daslu in Rajasthan

India Beat produced 3 photo shoots around Rajasthan with photographer J.R. Duran and Daslu magazine. The crew shot at the City Palace in Udaipur, in Jaipur’s markets and at the Taj Mahal in Agra. For more information contact

Condé Nast Traveler: The Neighbourhood – Jaipur

By Jocelyn Miller The scene The Pink City is India’s jewelry capital and a temple to bling. Shopping for gems – whether in Jaipur’s labyrinthine bazaars and multistory stores or from streetside stone sellers – can be overwhelming, but keep your wits about you and… READ MORE >

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